Celebrating the first six months

Peter RossUncategorized

Six months ago, I took a leap into the unknown and launched my own company. Can’t say I entirely knew what I was doing. My focus – content writing – wasn’t the issue. I could do that. Plus, I had run an agency business and was schooled in the art of client management and business development. But creating a livelihood for yourself from scratch does take a bit of nerve.

Fortunately, Ross Content Writing & Consulting was warmly received when it launched last September. I was sent words of encouragement from my family, friends, former bosses, colleagues and clients, members of the media, and even people I didn’t know. What struck me is how many people reinforced the need for a skilled writer with a senior communications background. I was energised by the vote of confidence.

The seasons have passed and now it’s spring. I’m pleased to report that the business is thriving. In fact, it’s surpassed all expectations I had for it.

I’m particularly proud of my clients, who include recognized international companies, top European and US PR and strategic consultancies, and the all-inspiring East Palo Alto Kids Foundation, for whom I do pro-bono work. Many of my clients are former colleagues, and it’s been a pleasure to reconnect.

The job itself is a joy. It’s wonderful to return to something you loved years later, with the benefit of experience and slightly better business acumen. Writing allows me to exercise the creative side of my brain – even if the assignment is technical – and that’s satisfying. I also feel a renewed sense of purpose: it’s rewarding to create something of value from virtually nothing – and to do it all yourself.

As I embark on the next six months – and with my first-year milestone in sight – I wanted to thank my clients for their trust and partnership, and express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me.